Friday, July 1, 2011

Tips on Losing Weight to Avoid Injury

It should be no mystery, that the more weight an individual carries, the more likelihood they are to suffer from orthopedic injuries, and conditions of wear and tear. This can be more time on the Doctors table, and debilitating joint degeneration issues as these individuals age. If you enter any hospital physical therapy department you will often see a physical therapy assistant working with individuals whom are in need of weight loss. In fact almost every major orthopedic surgery procedure from knee replacement to hip replacement requires that a patient loses a significant amount of weight.

The entire physical therapy industry is seeing a boom currently, from licensed physical therapists, do an increased amount of physical therapy assistant schools across the nation. The profession is in a growth period of over 30% in the next 7 years, and much of this is due to the increasing levels of over-weight individuals. Those who are over-weight are far more likely to be injured or need an assistive therapy.

The weight loss industry is a massive business at this point, with well over 40% of the American population suffering from obesity it is no surprise. Every magic pill under the sun has become available on the market to assist or give the illusion to those battling weight that this will be their answer. The answer for weight loss is often less exciting, it is generally fine tuning a diet, and having a disciplined exercise routine that helps the individual reverse many of the effects of raised insulin levels in the body. Your best bet is to see a qualified nutrition practitioner, and hire the assistance of a personal trainer. If you are on a tight budget then see each practitioner once and have them develop a plan that is adaptable that you can follow.

Finding motivation is the next step to being more active, for diet this can be learning and trying new recipes that are more healthy with less sugars and simple carbohydrates than what the typical american diet serves up. Find a workout buddy and keep each other motivated to stick to the work out plans, and hold each other accountable.

The bottom line with weight loss it is your health, and your health is worth even a small investment to kickstart your way to better health, and a more slim and trim body.If weight loss cannot be achieved, as one ages the fear of spending their time in physical therapy clinics can easily become a reality. No matter your current condition or age, improving ones diet and having a moderate amount of exercise to coincide with a more active lifestyle can easily be achieved. The bottom line for avoiding injury for the average individual is to keep your weight down. Some things in life are accidents and cannot be avoided, but carrying excess weight is essentially increasing your risks for debilitating injury that will have an impact on your life. If you are carrying some extra pounds, there is no better day than today to begin your weight loss journey